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You know you can run faster.  I know it too. 

If you have the dream and the desire, I will supply the method.   The most informed runner often becomes the faster runner.  Let me show you how to run your best.

Your program will emphasize your running goals.  I will work with you to create a science-based training program that is tailor fit for you.  Together, we will build a solid foundation of trust and commitment that will allow you to grasp your goals while reaching for your dreams.

I coach competitive runners who are looking to shave seconds off their personal records, and I help recreational runners who want to build endurance.  I work to synthesize current literature and theory into training that is safe, challenging, fun and affordable.

How much faster can you be?  Let me help you find out!

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Brenda Rowell, LMT of Montana Massage says sports massage is becoming an
integral part of training and competition regimens of many athletes. A sports
injury can be healed dramatically faster and more thoroughly with professional
massage therapy. I recommend seeing Brenda if you are in need of massage to

 aid in sports recovery and performance.

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